About Elite Lab

Elite Lab is a running and cycling performance brand developed and designed in Denmark. We strive to offer you the best match between quality, price and functionality on the market, and make sure to always include the latest technology and product innovation in our designs. And to create the best, you must work with the best, which is why Elite Lab has been developed in close collaboration with highly experienced athletes – our Elite Lab Test Team.

Elite Lab Test Team

The Elite Lab Test Team consists of a group of experienced athletes, who contributes in the development process by sharing their personal knowledge and experience with sportswear.

They have a wide experience with running, road cycling, triathlon and mountain biking, and together they have participated in more than 1200 marathons and 85 ultra races completed in more than 90 countries all over the world. Therefore, the team is very experienced with several different types of exercises in all kinds of weather, terrain and temperatures.

In the developing process, the team are testing the products in practice by exposing them to extreme workouts, which gives us some great benefits that we just can’t get through any other method. This enables the collection of valuable feedback, from the ones that matters the most – the athletes, which allows us to optimize the products based on this exact feedback. In this way we ensure, that the products are constantly improved, resulting in a high-quality brand that meets your needs and expectations in a high-performance brand.